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SwedCham and Bamboo Business Communications invite you to a breakfast seminar focused on WeChat and how to utilize it in B2C and B2B communications. The seminar will teach participants the fundamentals in how to create WeChat accounts, WeChat content, WeChat mini-programs and the dos and don'ts when managing a WeChat account.

Some of the topics that will be touched upon are:

· What type of content works on WeChat?

· What type of accounts are used?

· Mini-programs, how and why shall I use them?

· Service & Subscription accounts.

· H5 sites and connecting menus.

· B2B & B2C sales on WeChat.

· Third-party solutions.

· Specific industry channels and WeChat promotions.

About the speaker

Johan Olausson is a branding, marketing and communications specialist with a focus on China. After moving to Hong Kong in 2009 he divides his time between Hong Kong and Shanghai and has built a solid experience in building brands in China. Johan led the transformation of Bamboo to an agency focused on China social media, mobile and digital, where WeChat takes up a lot of his time.

Bamboo Business Communications

Bamboo is a branding, marketing and communications agency specialised in Greater China and Asia-Pacific. With over 20 years of experience Bamboo helps clients build brands across China and Asia. Bamboo was established in Hong Kong in 1996 and expanded to Shanghai in 2002.

Bamboo count among their clients a number of the world's most successful corporations within their field, but also helps small and medium sized companies grow in China or Asia


Johan Olausson

Sales and Marketing Manager, Bamboo Business Communications Ltd


The Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong
Suite 3002, 30th floor
Central Plaza
18 Harbour Road

Hong Kong Island, Гонконг

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