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The Smart City Smart Environment series highlight sustainability topics that are of importance in Hong Kong. After having covered water resilient cities, waste reduction and single-use plastic waste, this lunchtime seminar will focus on green mobility.

The seminar

The afternoon will start with opening remarks by Mr CW Tse, the Under Secretary of Environment, summarising the latest Hong Kong Environmental policies and developments while focusing on the transportation industry and road side pollution.

This is followed by a panel discussion on alternative fuels for transportation. Developments in alternative fuels like biodiesel, hydrogen and electricity will be reviewed as sustainable solutions while progress in Connected Autonomous Vehicles might be touched upon. The panelists at this seminar are Dr Jonathan Beard (Head Transportation & Logistics at Arcadis Asia), Alexander Mastrovito (Head of Sustainable Transport Solutions at Scania Asia & Oceania), Thomas Wu (CEO at ASB Biodiesel) and Paul Bromley (Managing Director at Phoenix Business Consulting).

The panel will be moderated by Michiel Mak, CEO of EMCS and member of Sustainability Initiative of the Dutch Chamber.

Join us on October 31st to learn more about the latest developments in sustainable fuels.


Dr Jonathan Beard

Head of Business Advisory, Asia; Head Transportation & Logistics, Asia at Arcadis

Paul Bromley

Managing Director of Phoenix Business Consultancy

Michiel Mak

CEO, EMCS Limited Hong Kong

Alexander Mastrovito

Head of Sustainable Transport Solutions at Scania Asia & Oceania, Scania (Hong Kong) Ltd

Chin-wan Tse

Under Secretary for the Environment Bureau at Hong Kong...

Thomas Wu

CEO, ASB Biodiesel


8/F Prince's Building
Central, Гонконг


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