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We are happy to welcome all of our members and friends to an inspiring fireside chat together with Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus. In only four years, OnePlus has managed to become one of the world's leading smartphone manufacturers, challenging giants like Apple and Samsung. During their first product launch, the company sold 1 million units in one year, and when they released their latest model this summer, 1 million phones were sold in only 22 days.

Carl Pei, who has his roots in China but grew up in Sweden, moved to Shenzhen in 2011 to pursue his dreams of working with smartphones. Two years later, he co-founded the success story - OnePlus. Today Carl shares his time between Stockholm, London, and Shenzhen. We are very excited to welcome him to a fireside chat, moderated by Karine Hirn, CEO of East Capital Asia, where he will share his story with us.


Carl Pei

Co-founder, OnePlus

Karine Hirn

CEO, East Capital Asia Ltd

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the Hive Studios
Smithfield 12P
Hong Kong Island, Гонконг

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